Lauren Hugdahl is a freelance medical illustrator based in Cleveland, OH that holds a BFA in Biomedical Art from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Hands-on experience is what inspires this work – a combination of recommended graduate courses from the Association of Medical Illustrators at Case Western Reserve University including cadaver dissection and surgical observation gives Hugdahl the ability to create idealized but lifelike illustrations from within the human body.
Client List & Publications
Acta Biomaterialia (Nov. 2020)
Analog Devices Inc
Alzheimer's Association
American Chemical Society Nano (Aug. 2021)
Applied Educational Systems
Apton Biosystems Inc
Boehringer Laboratories
Checkpoint Surgical
Chest Journal (Jan. 2020)
Cognito Therapeutics Inc
Case Western Reserve School of Biomedical Engineering
Cleveland Clinic
Frontiers in Neuroscience sec. Neuroprosthetics (Sep. 2023)
Fernico Inc
InHealth Technologies
Lock, Rose, & Associates
Memm Inc
Pineapple Products Inc
Science Robotics (Oct. 2023)
Scio Scientific LLC
Stanford University Healthcare Innovation Lab
UH Cleveland Medical Center
Vanderbilt University Department of Biomedical Engineering
Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center
Testimonials & Reviews
"Lauren was wonderful. Her work product is very professional. She took the time to really understand what we needed. She was available and met all deadlines. If you want someone professional I highly recommend her."
"Lauren is an extremely talented artist who knows anatomy at an expert level. She's professional and highly responsive. I hired her to do two medical drawings for my book: one on the vagus nerve, the other on the autonomic nervous system. She required very little feedback, knew the precise anatomy and was so easy to work with. She accomplished exactly what I needed in very little turnaround time."
"Lauren worked quickly and efficiently on a short deadline to create a visually appealing and informative medical illustration for a professional grant. She was highly responsive to feedback, and created a professional quality piece of work. I strongly recommend her and would gladly contract with her again in the future."
"Lauren was timely and knowledgeable. She adapted well to changing deadlines and requests. She made time to meet with us on short notice, clearly researched our company and our branding, and always worked to incorporate complex feedback in a clear and timely fashion."
"Lauren did a great job to capture the complex (and not fully defined) requirements for our body and device illustration[s]. She was patient in this process, which involved some iteration and sketches. She was able to work with us to collaborate on a better idea to communicate our message and delivered clear and accurate illustrations."
"Lauren was a pleasure to work with. She communicated clearly and frequently so I was always aware of job progress and status. She adhered to the promised schedule and delivered high quality work. I would definitely work with Lauren again and recommend her to others."
"Lauren is an exceptional illustrator. She followed my instructions and provided exactly what I wanted. She provided sketches on time and completed the illustrations in a timely manner. She made some minor adjustments very quickly and made the entire process go smoothly. I look forward to working with her again and I would highly recommend her."​​​​​​​
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